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About MedTec Group
Reliability sets us apart

MedTec is more than a brand

With our various MedTec subsidiaries, we aim to become one of the largest and best-known suppliers to national and international medtech companies in the manufacture of surgical instruments and implants, as well as mechanical components and assemblies.

A competent team

We focus exclusively on medical technology. With our highly trained employees, we offer our customers excellent and consistent quality, first-class delivery service and fair prices at all times. Our extensive know-how makes us the ideal partner for development and procurement teams.
Our motto is: “Committed to people. Worldwide.” Our goal is to improve the lives of patients through our work.

subsidiary company: hn+m Medizinaltechnik

At hn+m Medizinaltechnik, we have made it our mission to improve patients’ lives by producing implants, screws and surgical instruments. Our company is located in Derendingen, Switzerland. Click here to visit our homepage.

subsidiary company: Honer Medizin-Technik

In the production of surgical instruments, such as scissors, knives and forceps, we accompany you from the consultation process, through the technical development, to your finished product. Our company is located in Spaichingen, Germany. Click here to visit our homepage.

For mankind and nature

For mankind and nature

Sustainable action and business practices are an integral part of our corporate philosophy. In this way we would like to contribute every day to a careful use of the natural resources. We are aware of our responsibility towards mankind and nature and, as a family-run holding company, we pursue a long-term corporate policy.

This includes, in particular, respectful treatment of our employees, secure jobs and highly trained staff, remuneration in line with the market, careful use of our resources, our own solar power system for generating electricity, energy-saving cooling of production and the reduction and environmentally friendly disposal of waste.

Through continuous improvement, we will steadily reduce our environmental footprint at all levels.